Founded in 1903, Barazzoni began with the production of household articles in brass, tin and copper - some of which are still proudly on display in the company's show-case. By the 1920s the company label was well established in the north of Italy, and Barazzoni moved on to the production of aluminium utensils, extending its market to the whole of Italy.

However, it was after the Second World War that Barazzoni took a great leap forward. What had been until then a small company became in the 1950s a true industrial manufacturer of household articles, launching itself into the field of export.

New and modernised machinery was installed and production techniques modified. Building on half a century's experience, Barazzoni devoted its attention exclusively to stainless steel.

It developed a new base for cooking pans by the name of "Triplen" (stainless copper-steel) which ensured uniform heat conductivity and consequently perfect cooking results. In 1965 the technique of bar-drawing was introduced alongside that of molding. Thanks to this technique, differentiated pan thickness could be produced, resulting in pans with robust bases and sides.

For Barazzoni, 1970 marks the year of research into form and technique, crowned by the work of Ennio Lucini. Ennio Lucini designed the collection "Tummy 2" which received the Macef Award and in 1979, the ADL "Compasso d'Oro".

In 1988 Barazzoni embarked on a new journey to offer innovative products to a selective and demanding public, products that are the fruit of high technology and attention to details.

Barazzoni Progetti came into being. Products with this label are characterised by their functionality, high technology and avant-garde design. Barazzoni Progetti is a milestone - the fruit of Barazzoni's long years of experience, of research into materials, experimentation with technologies and the study of form.

Principally it is a project for the future - aiming to find solutions that respond to the requirements of functionality and practicality of the new generations; lines of cooking pans and household articles, distinguished by a careful and original design combined with the most forward-looking technological solutions.